What do i need to get a legal Elop marriage in Mexico

Legal marriage in Mexico, What i need it? Can i register it in my Country?

1/19/20242 min read

Elopement legal ceremony
Elopement legal ceremony


Mexico, with its rich cultural history and stunning destinations, has become an increasingly popular choice for couples seeking to celebrate an unforgettable legal marriage. In addition to breathtaking beaches, ancient ruins, and delicious cuisine, Mexico also offers a relatively straightforward process for organizing legal marriages for foreign citizens. In this article, we will explore Mexican wedding traditions and the essential steps to plan a legal marriage ceremony in this captivating country.

Steps for a Legal Marriage in Mexico

Documentation: First and foremost, you need to gather the required documentation. This may include passports, birth certificates, divorce papers (if applicable), and other legal documents. It's important to check with the Mexican consulate in your country for the specific documents needed for marriage.

Ceremony and Reception: In Mexico, you can choose between civil or religious ceremonies. Religious ceremonies often require additional documents, so it's important to coordinate with the chosen church. Many resorts and hotels and planner offer wedding packages that simplify the event's organization.

Witnesses: Mexican law requires the presence of at least four witnesses during the ceremony. These can be relatives or friends.

Ceremony of the Lasso: If you want to embrace local traditions, you can include the Ceremony of the Lasso in the ceremony. This can add an authentic and meaningful touch to the marriage.

Registration: After the ceremony, you need to register the marriage with local authorities to make it legally valid. Typically, the resort or hotel, planner, assists with this process.

What do you need

Blood tests (legal requirement)

Medical Certificates (legal requirement)

4 witnesses (legal requirement)

Certificates of Non-Debtor of Alimony

Government fee for a Legal wedding between foreigners

Judge ́s fee


Apostille seal for your Marriage Certificate: This procedure is done to make your Marriage Certificate legal worldwide and be able to register your marriage in your country of origin.

Translation of your Marriage Certificate and it ́s Apostille seal (from Spanish to English) done by an Authorized Legal Translator.


Celebrating a legal marriage in Mexico not only offers the opportunity to unite lives in a charming and romantic environment but also to immerse in unique cultural traditions. From ceremonies with mariachi bands to symbolic traditions like the Ceremony of the Lasso, Mexico provides an unforgettable marriage experience. However, it's essential to carefully follow legal steps and procedures to ensure the marriage is recognized worldwide. With the right planning and preparation, a wedding ceremony in Mexico can become a magical moment to cherish for a lifetime.

Elopement Legal Ceremony

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